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Born in Seattle USA, Michele now resides in England. Raised listening to all of the great crooners of the 50’s and 60’s as well as Jazz, Soul, Blues and R&B. 


Michele began singing as a child but let her music slip to the back-burner at 18 when life took her in other directions. About 15 years ago, Michele discovered a vocal performance course and reignited her love for music. During this time she returned to her Jazz roots and this remains her favored genre and where her passion lies.

Michele and her trio appeared at the Verdi Italian Kitchen at The Royal Albert Hall in May 2018 and also are very pleased to announce they also secured slot at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2018. Only this Summer (2019) Michele debuted with her new The NOT Just Jazz Band at The OSO Arts Center and in October 2019 at Bulls Head in Barnes for a "Musical Smorgasbord". AND appeared for the first ever FemmeFest in Derbyshire in September 2021... looking forward to next year's festival already! Oh! Happy days!

Michele now plays several times a week at local venues in the UK and has contributed vocally to charity events, festivals and music fairs.

Michele is also currently collaborating with a wonderfully talented song writer from Los Angeles, Denise Dimin (www.denisedimin.com) and debuted one of Denise's tunes last year in London and Brighton and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Michele and her band are looking to add a few more of Denise's creations to the repertoire imminently .

Michele spent 5 years in France where she performed semi-professionally with various French musicians all over the Burgundy Region.


At that time, she was also the principal singer with The Big Band at the Conservatoire in Nevers.

New Year's Eve has seen her collaborate with the ChiJazz Quintet on board a river cruiser,  where she performed for diners and party goers while sailing along the Thames River,  ending up at the London Eye for the spetacular fireworks display.

She also streams regularly to an audience online via ShoutCast and has developed a dedicated following in online virtual environments.


Michele has recently performed at venues such as , Pizza Express The Phesantry ( Chelsea), The Groucho Club in London, The Half Moon - Putney, The Ram Jam - Kingston, , Bar Thirteen in Guildford, The Telegraph - Putney Heath, Grey Horse - Kingston, RYND KItchen & Bar Reading,  H G Wells Worcester Park, The Brave New World in Surbiton, The Old Moot House Kingston, 46 Battersea Rise and aboard The Battersea Barge…. recently participated at this year’s Environmental Festival in Carshalton, The Surrey Steampunk Convivial in New Malden and at numerous other charitable events including this year's Greenwhich Screwball held at Up the Creek Comedy Club in aid of Age Concern. 

Mini tour of Scotland thanks to Grace Black @ 107FM Community Radio during the early part of September ...right around the Edinburgh Fringe Festival period !

Michele performs with a number of talented Jazz musicians David Roberts, Steve Ashworth, Stephen Davies all on Keyboard/Piano, Richard Sandler and Marianne Windham Double Base and Maureen Hardman on Sax  just to name a few; as well as with drummers Dan Allsopp and Jeb Holsworth. Everyone of them have an extensive list of performances to their credit.

The future for Michele includes continuing her music career in Europe and anywhere else she is welcome : )


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