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*** NEW SINGLE ***


Vocals: Michele Osten

Produced: Alban Bouquette

Piano: Philippe Rhulmann

Double Base: Francoise Perrin

Videographer: Ben Hendersson

Released April 2023


Vocals: Michele Osten

Written by: Denise Dimin

Produced: Bryan Dobbs

Videographer: Ben Hendersson

Released March 2022

​Lazy Daze

Vocals: Michele Osten

Written by: Clive Knapp

Piano: David Roberts

Drums: Dan Allsopp

 Visuals created by: Nicola Gibbons

Released March 2021

The Verdi Kitchen - ROYAL ALBERT HALL

​Hallelujah I Love Him So Visuals Created by:

Nicola Gibbons

Ease Away Slowly

Written by Denise Dimin (Los Angeles)

Produced by Bob McGilpin (Nashville)

Videographer Ben Henderson (London)

Released September 2021

In the studio recording just a few of my favourite tunes...

Thanks to Ben for the use of his facilities and talent : )) Somewhere in the North of London

And now for something a little different .... : ))

"Helpless" roughly recorded online in a 3D Virtual World

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